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Главная » 2012 » Октябрь » 30 » Rogue Trader: The Navis Primer
Rogue Trader: The Navis Primer

"Of course humanity was meant to cross the void between the stars. It is our destiny, and it is for this purpose, the God-Emperor has seen fit to grant us the power necessary to ply the roiling Warp. The Navigator guides us by His light. The Astropath carries His torch to the darkest corners of space. We go in His Name, by His Will, for His Glory. And, of course, for the tidy profit we earn for our efforts in his grandest of plans."
–Rogue Trader Raol Straud

The warp is a domain of nightmares, filled with insanity made manifest and ethereal predators hungry for souls. Yet it is this shadowy realm that a Rogue Trader must tread to seek fame and fortune amongst the stars.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Navis Primer, a supplement for Rogue Trader! This powerful volume reveals the secret history of the Koronus Expanse’s Navigator Houses, while unveiling the Astropath Voidfrost and Soul Ward Disciplines. Players can unleash the unpredictable might of the Waaagh! with the Ork Weirdboy Career Path, and uncover new warp-touched powers, alternate career ranks, and elite advances for Explorers of all kinds. What’s more, The Navis Primer provides expanded rules for navigation and astrotelepathic communication, and presents terrifying new hazards and foes from the depths of the Expanse!

Navigating a Stormy Sea

For more on The Navis Primer, here’s a word from its lead developer, Max Brooke:

The warp is the stormy sea that Rogue Traders must cross in search of fame, glory, and, of course, profit. A Rogue Trader's mighty voidship is a large part of what makes this miracle possible, but no less important are those who possess an innate connection to the Immaterium.

From the secretive Navigator Houses whose members guide vessels through the roiling Sea of Souls to the esoteric Choirs of Astropaths who cast messages across the cold void, those with the ability to perceive or manipulate the power of the Warp are both critical to a Rogue Trader's ambition and very interesting characters in their own right. The Navis Primer contains new options for the histories of Navigators and Astropaths in the Koronus Expanse, as well as expanded rules for the tasks they must overcome and new powers to help them rise to these challenges. Further, it includes a number of new character options for other Explorers whose lives have been touched by the Warp in one way or another, whether they harness it for profit or seek to unlock its darkest mysteries.

Of course, not all of those touched by the Warp are loyal to the Imperium—or even human– and The Navis Primer explorers the psykers and Warp-entities that dwell in the Expanse. This includes resources for new enemies and their terrifying powers, and also a new psyker Career Path, the erratic Ork Weirdboy.

The Navis Primer is loaded with new possibilities, and I'm looking forward to hearing the wild and Warp-touched stories that players and Game Masters alike use them to create.

Check back for more in the coming weeks, and in the third quarter of 2012, prepare to unleash the power of the warp in your Rogue Trader campaigns!

Книга любезно предоставлена уважаемым Ferrus. Большое человеское спасибо.

Название: The Navis Primer
Издатель: Fantasy Flight Games
Вселенная: Warhammer 40 000
Редакция: Rogue Trader
Качество: отличное
Язык: английский
Страницы: 144
Файл: 165 МБ

Категория: Warhammer 40k | Просмотров: 379 | Добавил: MisterNurgl | Теги: the, Navis, Trader, Rogue, Primer | Рейтинг: 0.0/0

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