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Слухи по флайерам в Warhammer 40 000
MisterNurglДата: Четверг, 05.04.2012, 09:30 | Сообщение # 1
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All of the following is from: Tempus fugitives - Age of the Emporer
"The Storm Hawk is a smaller, more agile transport from the same design lineage as the Storm Bird. Used extensively for small operations, as the Heresy progressed much of the STC data to build the Storm Hawk was lost although the Mechanicum have kept copies so that if it were to fall completely out of service a variant could be reintroduced at a later date."

Unit Type: Vehicle ( Fast Skimmer)
• Cerberus Launcher
• Turret mounted Twin-Linked Autocannon
• Hull mounted Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
• Four Hawktalon Missiles
(each a separate weapon)

Transport Capacity
20 Models (it has no firepoints and may not carry walkers but may carry Jump Infantry who count as two models)

Special Rules
• Ceramite Shielding
• Power of the Machine Spirit
• Deep Strike
• Assault Vehicle

via The_Auditor
Hi Guys. Storm Hawk is from A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill (p207). It is a small single unit transport craft/gunship, similar in nature to the Storm Raven. It was in use with the Thousand Sons legion and possibly others. Space Wolves were using a storm crow (p201). Plenty of refences to Stormbirds in other novels. It would make sense that this is chosen as the generic Marine flyer, as it would then be a kit that could be used by both Chaos and Vanilla marine codecies. As has been mentioned above. Jes Goodwin was very clear at UK GD that vanilla marines would not gain access to the Storm Raven, but was equally clear that they would gain a flyer of their own in the future.

A Thousand Sons:
"He reclined in a converted gravity harness built into the crew compartment of a heavily modified Stormhawk transporter......"

"A dozen warriors of the Scarab Occult stood behind him in vertical restraints...."

"Within Ahriman's Stormhawk, internal spaces normally reserved for troops and heavy equipment were filled with banks of surveyor gear...."

If they chose to follow the fluff they have already put out, we are looking at something bigger than a Storm Raven, but smaller than a Thunderhawk. Perhaps capacity of 20.

Follow on from MajorWesJanson's theory. If the Storm Raven is a related STC to the Storm Hawk, then it would be a discard of some internal capacity if favour of dreadnought cradle externally.

However, I really hope the design is something completely different.
Also, the book heavily references the Hawk as a transport, rather than as a gunship with transport capacity. Read into that what you may.

Whilst I'm not going to say there is an "Autumn of Fliers" (as the phrase seems as overused as the wfb equivalent "return of Nagash"!) I will add to this that along with the bits Harry mentioned I'm also aware of a couple more fliers ready to go (and being worked on). I am not sure if they're for drip/splash releases over the next year-18 months or to accompany updated army books in some cases (which you can probably hazard a guess at) but it wouldn't be inconceivable to hold them all in a "holding pattern" and release them alongside some kind of fliers supplement

In a month or two, White Dwarf will shed more light upon the dawn of flyers. Currently Apoc counts pintle mounted weapons as AA. Look to many Apoc rules being converted over to 6th edition.

I had heard that Jes was working on an Eldar Super Heavy, hence my Baneblade analogy but this may well turn out to be what Stickmonkey is referring to as their Land Raider equivalent.

And this is just a rumour and I don't know how accurate it will be but apparently flyers are split into 3 classes with appropriate rules differences:

Fighter / Interceptor
Which is interesting as not all Codexes currently have one of each....

"I will say that whilst i also heard three classes .... those are not the same three classes that I heard "(Harry)

Black Library have delayed the release of Dan Abnett's Interceptor City, which is the follow up to Double Eagle.

The reason for this is that GW apparently wanted to include some new things in the novel that haven't happened yet (the so called "big change to the hobby").

I don't know if that's new fliers, ant aircraft weapons etc but given the nature of what Double Eagle and Interceptor City will be (aerial combat novels in the 40th Millenium), and the fact that both Imperial and Chaos factions will no doubt be the central focus I figured it had to be related to a 40K fliers supplement.
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