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Слухи Warhammer 40 000
MisterNurglДата: Вторник, 07.02.2012, 13:43 | Сообщение # 1
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БТ - совсем готовы.
Эльдары - будут раньше тау.
Книга культовых варбанд - уже лежит на складе.
GW принялось за подготовку эрраты по марам.
ДА - будут переизданы в WD, потом соединены с классикой через 4 года.

via Archibald_TK
I thought they were supposed to be released later than that. I checked my own order form and I realize it shows weird dates, order date 28/01 release date 25/02, something is not right on my sheet. What about yours as I understand you have the release dates in the UK?

via xxRavenxx
You are entirely right. They are all pencilled in for 25th feb. I didn't notice because I'm now just used to not being told up front about things :P

Original Rumor
via xxRavenxx
A new set of boxed sets are being released this week, offering a saving of nearly £10, which is nice to see. Otherwise not terribly exciting stuff, as its just reboxing. Interesting to see no Tau or Eldar box there though.

Space Marines & Drop Pod - £35.
Imperial Guard Cadians & Chimera - £30
Chaos Space Marines & Chaos Rhino - £35.
Ork Boyz & Trukk - £30

11 figure box.
All are, except the orks who are 12.
I cannot tell you if it is a tactical squad proper (Though I suspect it is) or two combat squad sprues.

More Information about the poster
xxRavenxx is a store owner, so he will have recieved this info so he knows what he can order to sell.

АДБ станет автором сценария нового фильма от GW

via Erasmus
The main story writer for The Lord Inquisitor is Aaron Dembski -Bowden, well known for his Warhammer 40.000 novels for the Black Library and Horus Heresy:) This is of course so cool, I don’t know what else to write – and there is probably no need for that;)

Games Workshop decided to finally give me the 100% green light for this project and now this project is totally free and don’t has to hide anymore:) The Emperor listened to our prayers and made the impossible possible: The first allowed fan movie for Warhammer 40.000:) So tomorrow I go to my local GW store and buy something haha, just to support them, and you should do the same; buy lots of Torquemada figures:)
Форум » Games Workshop » Warhammer 40k » Слухи Warhammer 40 000 (Warhammer 40 000)
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