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Форум » Games Workshop » Бэкграунд и Флафф » THE DOOM OF MYMEARA - Review (Warhammer 40 000)
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Part One: THE FLUFF spoiler free (mostly)

DoM is a story of a massive craftworld and corair invasion on the desolate ice world of Betalis III, seemingly for no reason. The Eldar launch a huge assault on the planet, with no seeming objective as far as the Imperium can tell.The Imperium recall huge armoured squadrons and a titan battalion, and eventually Bran Redmaws Great Company of Space Wolves

The story is incredibly well told, and the artwork that goes with it is stunning. Its taken me about 2 hours to read through just the fluff, and am now idling through the rules sections.

Eldar fans will not be disappointed of the fluff, it depicts them mostly in a stunning way, illustrating a key understanding of the Eldar way of War

Where it falls down, as ever is the insistence "that mahreens are teh best!", in the way that the story sees Space Marines (and guard) doing impossible things that are never supported by the game. Examples include a Rune Priest killing a Wraithseer in less than a few seconds with his shooty ice power. A Marine being hit by a Wraithguard D cannon, being sucked into the warp and coming back right as rain 2 seconds later. A damaged Warhound titan keeps up with a undamaged Phantom titan it's chasing.

The other thing is touched on there...the Phantom. Unmistakeably the poster boy of the book (there's two of them on the front cover) it's sections are less than a page in total, and the sections of the background story seem to suggest that a Warhound titan is a daunting task for one (something laughable to old Epic players).


I experienced a wonderful moment a few minutes ago. I opened the rules section and read some bits. The I read the Eldar Corsair army list. I grinned, and then threw my head back an cackled in a evil maniacal laugh

Yeah. They're that good

Interesting points to note - The named Farseer (who is a dude, sorry people looking for equal opportunities) plays with the FoC in a whole new way. If you take him....you're limited to 4 troops choices and 2 elites. But you do get 4 Heavy Support Choices. Which I think is a fair trade....and you get a one use AP2 heavy flamer with him.

The new Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors seem good; I cant tell how different they are from the old versions we've seen before. BUT they are Fast Attack....making them a little more usable. The Cynosure power (rerolling fail to hits with the Ghostlight) seems a necessary power. But it not being AP1 limits it a bit.

The Phoenix lord gives us that Invulnerable save on a Lord we've all been calling out for, but as with the others is very expensive and needs to be taken with the squad to be useful Anyway...the big thing is Corsairs.

This is a very powerful list - and one that fits the Eldar style of war. It has a very fluid style on the tabletop with a lot of jet-pack units included. I'm immediately drawn to the Void Dreamer HQ choice...they have a physic power which does D6 hits with a strength of (10 minus the unit's toughness) - so against Marines its S6, Guard S7...Wraithlords S2. Its also AP2...ouch. He also has a S8 AP1 flamer....that rolls against Ld not Toughness and inflicts an automatic penetrating hit against vehicles, but only rolls D3 on the damage table (plus 1 for AP1)

Harlequins are elites, and get to take Corsair Venoms (which differ from the DE ones....no poison, just shuriken cannon and catapults, and can swap the cannon out for some heavy weapons - no Flickerfields, but can take all Eldar vehicle upgrades....and start off at 45pts each)

In a big surprise Falcons appear as Dedicated Transports...and can carry 10, not just 6

Corsairs can take Kabalite Warriors w/ transport and/or a single elite/fast choice from the Eldar codex as an elite choice.

Fast Attack now includes Night Spinners (frees up those heavy slots!) and Nightwings fighters...Nightwings now cost only 145points!

Heavy Support consists of Warp Hunters (which are very very good), Phoenix Bombers (now only 225pts....so not as oppressively expensive). Phoenix bombers can now upgrade their missiles. So instead of 3 shots at AP3...you get 3 blasts at AP5, pinning, no cover saves! The final Heavy is the Firestorm AA tank, which with the exception of being BS4 now not 3 is unchanged from its old version (AKA not very effective and WAY too expensive).

All other Eldar FW kits (Vampires, Super Heavies etc are unchanged)

Carrying on the new FW tradition, models for regular 40K are stamped "approved" and the rest stamped "apoc"

The troops choices are interesting. Corsairs are effectivly Black Guardians but are armed with the Swooping Hawk's lasblasters, Wasp warwalkers still mount dual heavy weapons, but are deepstriking jet-pack units who can do all the Tau move-shoot-move tricks (but can't hold objectives and need more corsair squads than wasps). Finally there are jetbikes.

And just a side note...sorry guard and Wolves players....all you get is a new Imp Guard commander (who does let you re-roll initiative seizing and comes with 4 free Veterans), the Praeor, Crassus and Infernus. Wolves get even less, with just Bran Redmaw (human and Wulfen)

Part Three: Campaign Missions & Apoc Data Sheets

Campaign missions are standard fare. Skirmish, bigger mission, armour only mission...usual stuff from FW.

The Apoc data sheets are nice. One Eldar one needs a lot of Wraith units, but gives them Flank March and everything within 12" fearless.

Another is 3-9 hornets....but allows you to deepstrike a webway portal onto the board
The final one is for Space Wolves and requires lot of Land Raiders, but gives Grey Hunters furious charge, and rage if 12" from an enemy From Bols
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Форум » Games Workshop » Бэкграунд и Флафф » THE DOOM OF MYMEARA - Review (Warhammer 40 000)
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