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MisterNurglДата: Воскресенье, 25.09.2011, 16:52 | Сообщение # 1
Великий нагибатор
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Что нового нам несет эта книга:

Имперская гвардия

Dominus siege pattern bombard
Опять же на шасси Краса


Все ордена получат по контептору, причем от бладов до волков, свой профиль и разные опции и правила! Фиксация правил на Ахилла и Цест.

Переписаны формации:
Automated Defense Force

Новые формации:
Ancients assault force
Caestus Trident assult force


2 новые формации: корсаркая и на градах.
Окончательные правила на фантома
2 новые лодки, переписаны правила к старой

Десантники предатели

Новые правила на дескло,
3 новых формации, одна из них Дескло талон и Демон энжин саммонинг.

И самое главное! Альтернативные миссии для апокалипсиса!
MisterNurglДата: Понедельник, 26.09.2011, 11:20 | Сообщение # 2
Великий нагибатор
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Forgeworld New Releases - Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition

Hot on the heels of yesterday's releases, Forgeworld has released two more new products!

Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition

This book substantially updates and expands the first edition of Imperial Armour Apocalypse with 32 entirely new entries, and is packed with over 90 Apocalypse datasheets for Legendary units such as the mighty Crassus to the Daemon Lords of Chaos. Also included are new Forge World units for Warhammer 40,000 including the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought and its variants, and the Dark Eldar Tantalus.

This 128 page, full-colour hardback book provides comprehensive and updated descriptions and rules for using Forge World’s recent additions to its model range in your games of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse. Written by Alan Bligh.

The Imperial Emplacement is under-whelming in my book. And no way it gives cover to a Super Heavy. Oh well. Here is the description:

Adding to our new range of hollow resin scenery is the Imperial Emplacement, designed by Blake Spence. This is a detailed free-standing terrain piece that will be on sale at Games Day UK in limited numbers, well in advance of its scheduled release date.

Designed as an emplacement for almost any size of Warhammer 40,000 vehicle, from Chimeras and Leman Russ to Macharius and Malcador-based super heavy tanks, and even the mighty Baneblade, the Imperial Emplacement features a wealth of detail such as ammunition stowage, unexploded munitions, a targeting cogitator and an observer’s position. The base of the Imperial Emplacement has been reinforced with trench plates to act as duckboards, and the scenery piece also features plenty of space for crew models as well as vehicles.
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MisterNurglДата: Среда, 05.10.2011, 00:04 | Сообщение # 3
Великий нагибатор
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Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition

The Eldar get a Wraithseer besides the Phantom Titan, Hornet, Lynx, and Warp Hunter.

Necrons get a Tomb Stalker.

Dark Eldar get a Reaper and a Tantalus.

There are Contemptor Dreadnought sheets for many Marine Chapters, plus Chaos gets their own.

Found a formation rule change. Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod - the Dreadnought must now must make a Dangerous Terrain Check if assaulting the same turn it arrived.

Crassus Armored assault transport, 250pts, 12" move 35 capacity transport? Ok!
Deathrider Formation went up in pts and gained furious charge and a badly worded rule that says "If the death rider squad survives all units within the formation are fearless" however the normal squads are deathrider squads. Maybe they meant the single command squad?
Blood Angel contemptor can get free blood talons on its fists.
Space wolf contepmtor gets special sagas for free, furioius charge, counter attack, or +1 on damage chart rolls against vehicles.
Mortis contemptor can go AA if it doesn't move.
Siege dread is now a flamestorm cannon, although the pic says "Inferno cannon"
Arvus lighter can take weapons that can only be fired if hovering.
Lifta Droppa Battlewagon went up to 225, still greatest D weapon in the game.
Ork Tanka Mob has a special rule which states "Mobs without their own dedicated transports may be carried in or on the Tanka Mob's Vehicles as normal." Glad they put that basic rule in writing...
Eldar Guardian Serpent Rider Host gets to reroll its failed Target Priority tets.
Harradin is now a flyer with a hover mode, and the gargoyles don't take extra blast damage.
Stonecrusher fex can reroll 1's on its regen.
Manta says "When firing submunitions the manta does not roll the extra D6 for deviation for moving, it always rolls a D6 for deviation.
Pathfinder search and destroy cadre doesn't need to pass target priority checks against a single target.
Dark eldar use an old warrior for size pics.
Dark Eldar Tantalus... it's everything i wanted it to be and more. My harliquins need one.
The demon lords are totally re-written, no super chicken. Meaning you better get this book or a friend with it if you own one.
An'ggrath the unbound has rage... twice. Once in a rule that states he must charge, anther that states he actually has rage. His plasma pistol whip is now 2 shots.
Chaos warhound has a new dirge caster.
Chaos contemptor has some wierd formatting issues that place the +1 attack modifier in with the points cost. It can also take special chaos marks and special chaos only weapons.
Dreadclaw is still a pathetic immitation of the drop pod. It now rerolls mishaps.
There are 4 new missions in the back. I read the first and lost interest. Its 3000points of regualar stuff for each side, 1 side can have 2000 extra in tanks, other side can have 2000 extra in aircraft.
I have not indepthly read "The Rules summary" however they now have "AP1/Destroyer hit +1" on the super heavy damage chart. And they've added the fact that you get AP1 or destroyer.

Gorgon 30 points less. Removed references to now non-existant upgrades (Minesweeper and Rough Terrain Modification)

Macharius Vulcan. Wierdness - Vulcan Mega Bolter for Macharius ‘Vulcan’ still has a range of 68”!?! (seens like an unusual distance). However, it can now fire twice (somewhat like the Stormlord) if it doesn’t move.

Malcador – drive damage become immobilized on 4+. Now 235 points (40 points less).

Malcador Annihilator & Malcador Defedner. Now 285points (30 points less). Drive damage becomes immobilized on 4+.

The Malcador Infernus is 5 points more now. The Inferno Gun is now AP3 (instead of 2). The Engine damage rule is now on 4+ instead of 5+.

Death Korps of Krieg Death Rider Company. Now has Furious Charge and Fearless. Now 50 points.

Siege Dreadnought now comes with Smoke and Searchlight stock. Now gets extra d6 armour penetration against stationary vehicles. Also, has a process now to wound people inside a penetrated but not destroyed vehicle or building (you can wound models inside a Land Raider!)

Marauder Destroyer – now armour 11/11/10 instead of 10 all around

Fortress Walls are arranged differently in terms of points and how they work.

Big Squiggoth has 4+ save now instead of 5+. It’s Kannon is Strength 9 instead of 8.

Fightas now have AA weapons! Orks have AA technology!!!! Well, at least for the two twin-linked big shootas.

Grot Bomm Launcha. Now has Shoota besides Grot Bomb. Also now has Trakk units rule like other Trakks in the Ork Codex.

Tanka Mob – now 3-10 Ork Vehicles of Tank or Superheavy designation instead of only specific vehicles.

Harridan – added Flyer with Hover mode designation, along with explanation of its unique flying.

Malanthrope – very different. Now 110 points, totally different rules.

Meiotic Spore – now drifts in direction of owners choice each turn. Also, you get d6-2 mines when it explodes now instead of d6-1.

Stone Crusher Carnifex – now 195 points (instead of 180). Now gets +1 on damage charts vs buildings and vehicles. Now has assault grenades. Now comes stock with better regeneration than normal bugs can get.

Orca – now armour 12/12/10 instead of 11/11/10. Now BS4 with note that this is due to Targetting array. Comes stock with Blacksun filter and Disruption pod.

Manta – now BS4. Now 2 Heavy Railguns (D weapons) vs used to be one twin-linked Heavy Railgun. More detailed explanations of what units can be transported on what decks.

Orca Access Points: Rear Transport ramp. Up to 4 units can disembark per turn.

Manta tranport summary:
Upper Deck = 55 models, infantry models and drones only
Lower Deck = 145 models. This can be up to 8 Crisis or Broadside (counting as 3 models each). This can also be up to 4 vehicles (counting as 30 models each, and the vehicles themselves can can carry units without counting towards this).

Tiger Shark AX-1-0 – adds options to take Blacksun filter and Disruption pods for additional points.

Tiger Shark – adds options to take Blacksun filter and Disruption pods for additional points. Wierdness – has one Access Point, but no longer has Transport entry (used to transport 14 models).

Piranha TX-42 – now BS4

DX-6 ‘Remora’ Drone Fighter – now BS3, was previously BS 2(3).

Dark Eldar Raven Strike Fighter – now a Flyer in Apocalypse besides Skimmer, Fast. Now 125 points. Has special Deep Strike reroll rule. Now has Splinterstorm Cannon instead of Splinter Cannon, Splinterstrom is Heavy 10 poisoned (4+). Can also take Night Shields and/or Flickerfield for additional points.

Angron the Unbound. Has 24” Jump pack equivalent move. Now BS4. Has 2+ ability to nullify psychic attacks against him. Now counts as having Assault grenades and gets +d6 attacks when charging. No longer need to possess a model to get on the battlefield.

Zarakynel. Initiative now 10 (was 5). No longer need to possess a model to get on the battlefield. It’s sword now inflicts instant death (but loses ability to ignore invulnerable saves and wound on 4+). Units in close assault must pass leadership every turn to strike blows. Has a 36” Str 6 AP3 shooting attack now.

Scaeiathrax the Bloated - ). No longer need to possess a model to get on the battlefield. Now only has 6 wounds (used to have 10). Toxic Dischange is now a Hellstorm template instead of a flamer template. Now has a movement limitation of 6” despite being a Gargantuan Creature. No longer has Aura of Decay – instead now makes all non-daemons within 6” take a Toughness test each turn or take a wound with no cover or normal saves allowed. Now has Feel No Pain and Assault Grenades.

Chaos Warhound Titan – now can be Possessed for 50 points (ignore Gun Crew Shaken and Driver Stunned).

Giant Chaos Spawn – now 120 points instead of 140. Now has Feel No Pain.

Hell Talon – now 185 points (was 135). The Autocannon is now an AA mount. Also says it’s a Reaper Autocannon, but the profile they printed is a standard Autocannon. Can be possessed for 20 points.

Hell Blade – can be possessed for 20 points. Type is now Skimmer, Fast , Flyer (was only a Flyer before). Has Aerial Assault and Supersonic Rule (can shoot all weapons at cruising speed and can move 36” when going flat out respectively).

Dreadclaw - can reroll Deep Strike mishap results. Type is now Skimmer, Flyer, Hover mode, with the note that it can move normally after it has arrived.

3 Caestus Assault Rams, each with a squad inside that arrive on Turns 1-3 (players choice) via Deep Strike and doesn't count against the Reserves you can bring in. When they arrive, they have a Melta Torpedo special strike anywhere on the table Str6 AP3 Apocalyptic Barrage (3), Melta. The formation costs 50 points.
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