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The Taros Campaign - new rules for Tau
MisterNurglДата: Среда, 24.04.2013, 01:57 | Сообщение # 1
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Reissue of Imperial Armour Volume Three - The Taros Campaign - new rules for Tau

Летом после выхода новой книги Апокалипсиса форджа переиздаст ИА3, битва за Тарос. Все правила будут обновлены под 6ку, кроме того будет пара относительных новинок. Пофиксят тетру и дадут опции из нового кодекса для XV-9, XV-25 и XV-8, хазардам, кроме того будет новое оружие.

From Kroothawk

Well, I say rumours... but these are gospel, as I spoke with Daren Parwood (XV9 sculpting fame) and Alan Bligh... and had the below book in my hands...!

Daren has been given the go-ahead to make another suit!.. I spoke with him some 9 months about some ideas that he has had, to make a suit inbetween the XV-25 and XV-8 sizing... at the time we discussed having a smaller missile laden guy... but this has now been dealt with by the new releases... so, in league with Alan Bligh, they are knocking around the following ideas:

Hyper stealth capability... bascially able to drop in, up front all alone, and be able to get out again.. sort of a 'minime' of the XV-9 MO....
Possible 'big gun'... Daren not sure on whether it will be Ion... or some sort of Ongar Gauntlet type affair...

To be released: unknown, but Daren has already started the sculpt;-)

More importantly.. I was able to read the Taros campaign "redux"... bascially, they has one of only 3 copies in existence at the event, a final copy ready for the printers... As the taros campaign came out before the Apocalypes launch and also, with 6th ed and now the new codex.. they have updated ALL units to be inline with the new release....

key notes that I can remember:

Tetras: H2 TL ml, base cost 35, but with Dpod, comes in at ##edit## just under the old points... so a little nerf on the shots there...
XV-9 updated! Full suite of optional upgrades from the codex, including the skyfire ability!!!.. Shas O really- stand alone character that cant join other units at all!!

Full tightening on all the XV-8 AND 9 suits varients... new points, plus 6th ed rules....

Clarifications on all the marker posts and sentries etc.....

Bit of a pain to rebuy the book- but worth it in the end!.. also Talima mentioned that they have retrofitted some fluff to fit with the new canon....
ETA- 2 months....

I hope that this helps some folks out..
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