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Форум » Games Workshop » Слухи и Легенды » Daemons Q&A (Warhammer 40 000)
Daemons Q&A
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Can unit of horrors cast more than 1 witchfire/turn?
Is it true, that horrors get some buff, when they are Psyker level 3?
They generate 1, 2, or 3 Warcharges, but do not gain mastery levels. So only 1 spell known

what are the max squad sizes for bloodletters and Plaguebearers?
min 10, max 20 for all 4 basic troops

Can Chaos Space Marine characters join Daemon units, and vice versa?
Units with Daemonic Instability may not be joined by characters without the same SR

How do the new rules for deployment work for Chaos Daemons? Is there a new version of Daemonic Assualt, or is it back to normal along with the rest of the 40k races? Also, can any unit do a form of heroic intervention?Normal, looks like everything has deepstrike though

Do horrors still have a nomral shooting attack like they currently do?

Hope you don't get assaulted. No overwatch.

What's the full details on Epidemius, just for sake of clarity? Affected units, range of tally, tally effects.

All daemons within 6" the rest has already been posted elsewhere

Do Horrors split into Blue Horrors when they die?
Do Bloodletters have the Hate or Rage special rules?

No, but they have a blue horror rule that does S2 wounds at the end of combat for every pink horror killed.
BL has Daemon of Khorne which gives Hatred (Slaan) and FC, not rage

Any major changes to the changeling or the scribes?
Changling is now a herald and has the swap stat line rule like he did in Fantasy before. Glamour is gone. Scribes are wonky, no longer have every power, but can choose a discipline from BRB every turn and roll randomly plus can syphon warcharges from enemy psykers on a roll of 6 (D6). So yes, major. Changeling is ML1

the changeling does not swap his attributes with the enemy. he clones the attributes with a model in base contact of his choice.. so you dont weaken the enemy you just buff yourself up.

Actually, I have a pretty important question that seems to be overlooked... For the Chariots of Tz, do the Screamers on the model get their normal attacks? There's 2 Screamers there.

Lastly, how much is the "Presence of Seduction" Locci that Slaaneshi Heralds have?


And there is no seduction listed on the upgrade list for Slaan herald, lesser/greater/exhaulted locus is 10/20/30

no, no screamer attacks. the flamer however can attack.

Does the FNP given as a result of the Warpflame rule last for a turn or for the rest of the game?

Rest of game

Does it stacks?
For example - in 1st turn unit pass test nad get 6+ fnp.
In next turn it would get some wounds from Warpflame again. Does it get 5+ fnp if it passes 2nd test?

In theory, yes, but that may get FAQ'd

Do Greater Daemons have Eternal Warrior, or is it just Skulltaker, like earlier rumors suggested.

Skull taker gets it from his cloak, I don't see it on anyone else.

How do Standards and Musicians work for units and is there a rough point cost you can provide for how much they are to add to a squad.

Icons and Banners act like homing beacons for deep striking units.

If the icon and deep striking daemon(s) are from the same deity, they don't scatter within 6" of the icon.
If the icon and deep striking daemon(s) are from different deities, the deep striking unit (when aiming for a spot within 6" of the icon) only scatters 1D6" instead of 2D6"
If one of the units (icon or deep striking) hasn't got the Daemon special rule, the icon has no effect whatsoever.

Standard icon costs 10 points, +10 points for a god specific icon.

There are several different icons for the different gods:

Khorne: Unit may attack 6+D6" (once per game)
Tzeentch: Inflicts 2D6 S4 AP- hits to a unit you shoot at (must declare before; once per game)
Nurgle: All attacks count as Poison (2+) (must declare before close combat; once per game)
Slaanesh: In close combat: takes D3 WS from enemy units in combat; Slaanesh units are immune (once per game)

Instruments have two purposes:

1) If a unit with an instruments comes into game via reserve, you can immediately get another daemon unit out of reserve (they don't have to roll)
2) If you roll on the warpstorm table and get e.g. the result where Khorne attacks Slaanesh units, you may re-roll ONE DIE that could be harmful for your Slaanesh models PER instrument of Khorne in your army and on the table (and of course in any other god combination, too).

Instruments of Chaos cost 10 points.

What are the unit sizes for Beasts of Nurgle and Fiends of Slaanesh?
1-9 Beasts of Nurgle
3-9 Fiends of Slaanesh

I heard that fateweaver can re-roll one dice per turn which sounds pretty cool. Is this only dice rolls directly affecting him or can it be another units armour save for example? Or even better a die that your opponent rolls?!

In the German edition of the codex it definitely says, that "you" (not "Fateweaver") can re-roll a single dice per turn. So it could be any dice made by any of your units or characters.

And yes, he has the warlord trait "Prince of Unreality" (direct translation) that allows you to re-roll the results on the warpstorm table.

Can the Tzeentch Burning Chariot be taken in squarons. Can the Khorne Cannon Chariot be taken in squadrons.

Can heralds of nurgle ride a plague fly? If so how does this modify their stats? Just a palanquin

Seekers of Slaanesh: points per model and max squad size?
I know that seekers are 12 points per model. 20 max

The maximum size of the unit of hewers of Khorne? 20 hounds max

What are the points costs for Soulgrinder marks and do they have to take one?
Rather cheap: Khorne (free), Tzeentch (5 pts), Nurgle and Slaanesh (15 pts each). They HAVE TO take a god specific upgrade.

Scythecannon ("Sensenkanone"): 48" S7 AP4 Heavy 3 (with 2nd option against fliers) (Standard, no extra costs)

Witchfiretorrent ("Hexenfeuerschwall"): Flame Template S6 AP4 Assault 1, Torrent (20 points)
Warpstare ("Warpblick"): 24" S10 AP1 Heavy 1 (25 points)
Exploding Vomit ("Explodierender Auswurf"): 36" S8 AP3 Ordnance 1, Explosive (5") (30 points)

The CCW is:

Warpsword: S(User) AP3 Melee Weapon, Mastercrafted, Special Weapon (25 points)

Do ALL daemons of tzeentch (horrors, screamer, etc..) get to re-roll saving throws of 1 ? Yes, it is part of the special rule "Daemon of Tzeentch". they only reroll invulnerable saves of 1. not saves in general.

Does the 11 result on Warp Storm affect Brotherhoods of Psykers such as Grey Knight squads?Yes

Are there any ways to get 2+ saves? Kind of. There are ways to buy 3+ armor and roll items that add +1.

What gifts can the Troops take? Unit champions can take 20 points worth of gifts

Does the Portalglyph continually spawn units or just once? Every controlling players turn on a roll of 4+. However it is a 1HP vehicle with 12/12/12, immobile.

the portal glyph is pretty weak in terms of armor and HP. however as its rules state its only a 3" blast marker or similar its very, very flat.. so you can hide it pretty nicely

Has the Soulgrinder points and stats changed? Is is sill AV13?
WS3 BS3 S6 AV13/13/11 I3 A4 HP4 Walker.

135 base. the weapon profiles like vomit. tounge and phlegm are no longer a single weapon with multiple profiles but you still have to buy them seperately.

they start with a harvester and a powerfist type cc weapon.

harvester is a autocannon with 1 more shot and no, not twinlinked.

What's the stat line for the skull cannon's actual shooting attack? I have yet to see it/hear of it.
36" S8 AP5 Heavy 1, Ignores Cover, Explosive (5"), Gruesome Skulls*

*Place a marker next to each unit that has at least sufferd one hit by this weapon. Every friendly Daemon unit attacking such a unit doesn't suffer reduced initiative for attacking through difficult terrain. After CC, those markers are removed.

Do any units in the game have a non psychic shooting attack or is overwatch gone for the whole army? Yes, a couple of units have regular shooting attacks.

How many points are Beasts of Nurgle?
52 points.

I've seen some confusion over daemonettes do they have rending or is it gone? They have rending. It is part of their special rule "Daemon of Slaanesh", so all Slaanesh Daemons have rending.

I understand that flamers are now AP4, but does that also apply to the burning chariot? If so, how is the chariot's shooting attack dissimilar from flamers? The Burning Chariot has got the Blue Fire of Tzeentch (18" S9 AP2 Heavy D3 and Warpflame) and the Pink Fire of Tzeentch (Flame Weapon S5 AP3 Heavy 1, Torrent, Warpflame).

How many points is a skull cannon 125 points.

What do the "Daemon of" upgrades do for the Defiler?
khorne : furious charge and if a chariot s7 hammer of wrath hits, hatred: slaanesh
tzeentch : reroll invulnerable saves of 1 and gain +3 on the LD if casting psychic powers, hatred, Nurgle
nurgle : shrouded (+2 on cover saves) slow and purposeful. if a unit consists entirely of nurgle daemons they also got defensive grenades, hatred: Tzeentch
Slaanesh: Rending and fleet. run d6+3". cavalery run d6+6" also vehicles that are not walkers turboboost 3" further. hatred: khorne

Does a Tzeentch Herald on Disc retain IC status so it can join a unit of Screamers? Yes, I don't see why a Herald would stop being an IC when it takes a Disc of Tzeentch.

Unit size maximal for bloodcrusher ? 3-9

I cant seem to find this anywhere, What are the new warlord traits?
War Lord Table:
1)Warlord gains Instant Death USR
2)Warlord and his unit gain Hatred (Everything) USR
3)As long as the War Lord is alive, your opponent test for Fear at -1 LD
4) As Long as the War Lord is alive, units within 12” of the War Lord may re-roll Daemonic Instability
5) As long as the War Lord is alive, you may re-roll results on the Warp Storm Table
6)Units with the Daemon USR may Deep Strike within 6” of the War Lord without scatter.

Oh any word on the blue scribe?

You place a magic marker next to them each time a psyker on the board successfully casts a spell. At the beginning of you turn you throw a D6 for each marker. For each 6 a single friendly psyker within 12" of the Blue Scribes gains a warp point. Then the magic markers are removed.

Also, at the beginning of your turn you choose one of the magic disciplines from the rulebook and throw a D6. The result cannot be swapped for the primaris power. The spell is then cast without a psychic test and it doesn't need warp energy (don't know the correct English terms).

Costing tzeentchy 9x9 points, i.e. 81 points ^^

Are psychic powers handled like they are in the CSM Codex, where the Psyker is required to take at least one roll on his power's chart, and the others can be on any "brb" lores known to them?
Yes, Daemon Psykers may take up to half (rounded up) of their powers from their god's discipline (change, pestilence or excess) and the rest from the "BRB" powers. Tzeentch got Prophecy and Change, Nurgle got Biomancy and Pestilence and Slaanesh got Telepathy and Excess. Except Kairos, who knows all powers of Change and more.

The Changeling may swap his WS, S, T, I or A with a model in base contact while in close combat. Also, he is a psyker and can take a power from the discipline of change. And he has the Lesser Presence of Transformation (unit generates D3 Blue Horrors instead of 1 when a Pink Horror dies).

Yes, it's the LD +3 for psychic tests. Most Daemons are LD 7, Heralds are 8 and GD and DP 9.

Can you confirm Screamers still at 25, with only change being loss of EW?
Confirmed! Still 25 points per Screamer.

profile is the same but their CC attacks are s 4 ap - now with 3 attacks in profile.
they can exchange all of their attacks for a a single S 5 ap 2 Armorbane attack.

In the CSM codex there is a catch for the rule allowing lords and certain characters to unlock elite options as troops (eg plague marines), namely it ONLY works in primary detachments. Do Daemons have any similar rules that only apply to the primary detachment?
Good question! There is no mention that your Chaos Daemons have to be the your primary detachment. So it should work as an allied force, too. The GD/DP thing is the only FOC changing thing in the codex.

If the pink horrors loose the warpflame attack, have crap stats and no close combat, what do they do for offense at all, aside from 1-3 psyker powers a turn?
Pink Horrors get one power of Change (Tzeentch Discipline) as they are count as a Mastery Level 1 Psyker because of Brotherhood of Psykers, with 1 (1-10 Horrors), 2 (11-15) or 3 (16-29) warp energy points.

And they are quite cheap (9 points per Horror).

What are the unit size and point cost for Plague Drones? How bout for Heralds?

Plague Drones are 3-9 and cost 42 points each. Heralds of Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh cost 45 points before upgrades, Herald of Khorne costs 55 points.
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