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The Horus Heresy: List of Battles
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From The Great Crusade

Named planets/battle sites
Anvilus IX – Traitors vs. Loyalists. [Imperial Armour 10: The Badab War Part 2]

Astagar – Ultramarines vs. Word Bearers. [Imperial Armour IX - The Badab War Part 1]

Baztel III – Space Wolves vs. Emperor's Children [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Biamere - Night Lords vs. Imperial forces (local station) [The Lion]

Caliban – Loyalist Dark Angels vs. Renegade Dark Angels [Codex: Dark Angels]

Calth – Ultramarines vs. Word Bearers [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Catenanda – Imperial Titans (Fire Wasps, Warp Runners and imperial
Hunters) Space Wolves, Ultramarines and Iron Hands vs. Renegades (unidentified) [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Ceti-Quorum – Night Lords vs. unknown/Alpha Legion? [The Serpent Beneath]

Chondax – Alpha Legion vs. Space Wolves and White Scars (Naval battle?). [Horus Heresy: Collected Visions] + Alpha Legion vs. Imperial forces [The Serpent Beneath] (prior to the battle against the White Scars).

Diamat – Dark Angels, Imperial Army (Tanagran Dragoons) vs Renegade Mechanicus, Renegade Army, Sons of Horus [Fallen Angels]

Draconi – Alpha Legion vs. Imperial forces (Seventh-Suckle Parthenari Shieldmaidens, Uruzan Sabreteurs) [The Serpent Beneath]

Dragonet – Sons of Horus, Renegade Army vs Loyalist resistance [Nemesis]

Drusillia – Alpha Legion vs. Sisters of Silence [The Serpent Beneath]

Dwell – Sons of Horus vs. White Scars, Iron Hands and Imperial Army (NAME?). [Little Horus - Age of Darkness]

Eskrador – Ultramarines vs Alpha Legion, Renegade Army. [Index Astartes Alpha Legion]

Isstvan III – Traitor Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard and the Emperor's Children, plus Legio Mortis vs Loyalist Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard and the Emperor's Children. [Galaxy in Flames]

Isstvan IV – Alpha Legion vs. unknown [The Serpent Beneath] (n.b. Archivist's note:
QUOTE (Malika)
I assume this took place during the Horus Heresy. The Raven Guard conquered the Isstvan system originally. The battles of the Horus Heresy we know took place on III and V, so this might be a different one

Isstvan V – Traitor Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Night Lords, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers vs. Loyalist Salamanders, Iron Hands and Raven Guard. [Fulgrim; The First Heretic]

Garilon Prime – Word Bearers and World Eaters vs. Imperial forces [Butchers' Nails]

Garilon system – Word Bearers and World Eaters fleet action vs. Xenos forces (Dark Eldar) [Butchers' Nails]

Gethamon – Alpha Legion vs. Imperial Army. [Imperial Armour VI: The Siege of Vraks II]

Gilden's Star – Blood Angels vs. Word Bearers [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Luna (i.e. Terra's moon) – Loyalists vs. Traitors. [Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned]

Mars – Imperial Fists, Imperial Army (Saturnine Hoplites and Jovian Grenadiers), Adeptus Mechanicus, Titan Legions (Legio Ignatium, Legio Victorum, Legio Tempestus) vs. Traitor Adeptus Mechanicus, Titan Legions ('Death Stalkers', Legio Mortis, 'Burning Stars'). [Mechanicum, Collected Visions, Adeptus Titanicus]

Molech - Imperial Titan Legions (unnamed, 3) and Imperial Army (unnamed, 100+ regiment) vs. Renegade forces including Traitor Knights of House Devine. [WD 190]

Parabellus – Alpha Legion vs. Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial forces [The Serpent Beneath]

Paramar – Legio Ignatum vs. Legio Mortis. [Titan Legions]

Parthac – Night Lords vs. Imperial forces (local station) [The Lion]

Perditus system – Iron Hands vs. Death Guard [The Lion]

Phall – Imperial Fists vs. Iron Warriors. Naval battle. [Collected Visions]

Phemus IV – Alpha Legion vs. White Scars vs. Orks [The Serpent Beneath]

Portresh – Imperial Astartes (unidentified) vs. Renegades (unidentified). Identifier: Chaplain Fergas Nils? [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Prandium – Alpha Legion vs. Imperial forces at Gardens of Ptolemy[The Serpent Beneath]

Prismatica – Emperor's Children vs. Imperial Mechanicum forces [Reflection Crack'd]

Prospero – Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence, Custodian Guard vs Thousand Sons, Renegade Army (Prospero Spireguard). [A Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns, Index Astartes, Collected Visions]
Prospero (aftermath) – Loyalist Thousand Sons vs. World Eaters. [Rebirth]

Questios - Night Lords vs. Imperial forces (local station) [The Lion]

Rostern III – Ultramarines vs. Renegade forces (unidentified). [Apocalypse Expansion]

Sangraal – Crimson Fists vs. Renegade forces (unidentified) [Space Marine 1st ed.] (n.b. Retcon to Imperial Fists, or during Scouring? Also, 'defense of Gramercie during Sangraal campaign'. Which, if either, is the planet?)

Scellis-Travelya straits – Alpha Legion vs. Imperial forces (Legio Cybernetica Maniple Theta-Iota & Legio Gigantes Titan Legion) [The Serpent Beneath]

Sebastus IV – Imperial Fists, Ultramarines vs Iron Warriors. [Index Astartes Iron Warriors, Index Astartes Imperial Fists]

Stygies VIII – Renegade Titan Legions (Legio Vulcanum I and Legio Vulcanum II) vs. Loyalist Mechanicum and Xenos (Saim Hann) allies. [Adeptus Titanicus]

Tallarn – Imperial Titan Legion (Warp Runners), Imperial Army (Tallarn?) Space Wolves, Ultramarines, White Scars and Dark Angels vs Traitor Titan Legion (Death's Head), Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors. Identifier: Rogsburg City? [Codex Titanicus, White Dwarf XX?]

Tenebrae – Alpha Legion, Geno Seven-Sixty Spartocid and Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Alpha Legion [The Serpent Beneath]

Terra – Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, White Scars, Imperial Army (unnamed) and Imperial Titan Legions (unidentified) vs. Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Death Guard, Word Bearers, Night Lords, Iron Warriors (+ others?), Renegade Army (unnamed), Renegade Titan Legions (Legio Mortis, 'Fire Wasps' + others). [Horus Heresy: Visions of Heresy; White Dwarf XX]

Thedarc II – Space Wolves vs. Renegade forces (unnamed). [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Thramas system – Dark Angels vs. Night Lords. [The Lion, Void Stalker]

Thunderhead – Dark/Blood Angels? vs. unknown/Alpha Legion? [The Serpent Beneath]

Tiamath – Alpha Legion vs. Imperial forces [The Serpent Beneath]

Treab's World – Salamanders vs. Death Guard. [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Tsagualsa – Dark Angels vs. Night Lords. [Age of Darkness – Savage Weapons, The Lion]

Tubruq – Space Wolves vs. Renegade forces (unnamed). [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Turyl[sp?] – Word Bearers and World Eaters vs. Imperial forces (unnamed). [Butchers' Nails][/b]

Yarant III – Space Wolves and Imperial Titan Legion (War Griffons [sic.]) vs. Alpha Legion. [Codex Titanicus]

Unnamed, unidentified or coded planets/battles
I've chosen to use the numeric identifiers (i.e. 63-19 rather than Sixty-three Nineteen), to make these easier to catalogue.

Halithon[b] – unnamed Imperial forces vs. unnamed Renegade forces. Identifer: loyalist 'Captain Ved Forgiss'? [Codex Titanicus]

[b]Unidentifed – Ultramarines vs. Sons of Horus and Renegade Titan Legion (unidentifed). Identifier: three hundred Sons of Horus under Captain Londas + single Warhound vs. 'Full company of Ultramarines'. [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Ultramarines vs. World Eaters. Identifier: Captain Costan of World Eaters; Captain Gregorius of Ultramarines [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Imperial Fists vs. Sons of Horus. [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Space Wolves vs. World Eaters. [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Ultramarines vs. Emperor's Children and Renegade Titan Legion (unidentified). [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Unidentified Imperial Marines vs. Thousand Sons. Identifier: Loyalist Captain Kalan? [Space Marine 1st ed.]

Unidentifed – Legio Vulturus (Traitors) vs. Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Victorum (Loyalists). [Dark Creed]

Erssia[?] – Imperials (unidentified) vs. Renegades (unidentified) 'The conflict popularly known as the Erssian Bloodbath saw actions on every conceivable scale and with every available force and combination of forces. As a massive Imperial task force advanced upon a complex thought to house the stolen body of Warmaster Horus, the Rebels threw every available resource into its defense.'
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