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Форум » Games Workshop » Слухи и Легенды » Crusade Of Fire update
Crusade Of Fire update
MikaereДата: Суббота, 01.12.2012, 10:29 | Сообщение # 1
Необходимое Зло
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Limited Edition книжка, которая на некоторых национальных сайтах ГВ уже распродана, накоц-то попала в руки покупателей. Обзоры неутешительны.

1. Нового арта вообще нет. Картинки позаимствованы либо из нового кодекца Хаоса, либо из Рулбука.
2. В описании нигде этого не говорилось, но использовать книжку саму по себе по крайней мере в части сценариев невозможно - надо допокупать либо Planetary Empire, либо Planetary Strike.
3. Судя по текстам, книгу писал школьник. Английский язык не просто упрощён, а иногда дебилен.
4. Сами правила очень хреново обьяснены в книге.
5. Сценарии для флайеров довольно туповаты.
6. Истории гамеров включают в себя только баттл-репорты об имперских и хаоситских спэйсмаринах. Других рас нет.

Итог: очередное наебалово от ГВ. Книга НЕ рекомендуется к покупке, только к скачиванию.

Before I actually go into my overall feelings about the book, let me actually get into the meat of it.

1. There is no new artwork. All artwork used in the book is from the chaos codex or the 6th ed main rulebook

2. With no warning, it appears that using this book really only works to the full effect if you have planetary empire... you know... something that would've been nice to know. In addition, you will need the planetstrike and other expansions to play some of the scenarios if you want to use this book effectively and to its max potential.

3. The writing is pathetic. I mean really really pathetic.

pg 10: "Still, the planet is still laden with resources, including endless fertile planes, and it symbolically the capital, if not in reality."

pg 18: "Entire sectors of space can be cut off from Imperial rule, descending in chaos and anarchy until one day the warp storm receded and the Imperium can reclaim its world once more."

pg 18: "...And no one could've predicted its coming. Except, that was not entirely true. Those who knew what to look for could, with hindsight, recognize the warning signs...And then there were those that knew exactly what would happen because it was they that caused it."

Junkatta (forge world)
Alfrost (frozen world)
Unctuous (Sticky demon planet)

Not really creative names...

4. The actual rules seem very very poorly explained. This maybe because of my lack of experience playing planetary empire... but something really seemed missing from the directions.

5. the scenarios are very cool, but the flyers one in particular leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion

6. The Story of the gamers was downright dumb as nails. These pages should've been taken out as all the armies are space marines (or chaos) with the exception of 1. This was hideously disappointing for me as a reader, as I was looking forward to seeing different factions battle it out... alas... not only was there a severe lack of diversity, but the "battle summaries" were no more than a paragraph.
Форум » Games Workshop » Слухи и Легенды » Crusade Of Fire update
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