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Новости по книгам ереси
MisterNurglДата: Среда, 29.08.2012, 15:02 | Сообщение # 1
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Three books planned - SO FAR. Could be others.
Primarchs and rules for the legions will be covered.

Volume 1 - "BETRAYAL"
Covers the opening of the Heresy, the Dropsite Massacre, the Traitor Legions, space combat in Istvaan, and Primarch models for Angron, Mortarion and Fulgrim.

Legions shown in artwork are:
Emperor's Children
Death Guard
Sons of Horus
World Eaters

Three Primarch's planned are:

Angron's miniature is described as:

He's advancing, from left to right. Two chainaxes, one in each hand. Right hand going for an overhead chop, the other drawn back against his torso for a sideswipe (because it's Angron, he can't possibly be blocking!). High collar. White shoulder plates. Dreadlock-like neural-implants. Very angry. Link-chain cloak with a few skulls attached...

He is a good bit bigger than a 'normal' marine.

Also, murmurs of a Fellblade...
Out in time for Gamesday UK 2012
Described as a "BIG Book"

В первой же книге будет лист Легионов СМ.
Каждый легион получит уникальное спец. правило для всех СМ.
Каждый легион получает уникальную опцию элиты.
ХаКу так же получает уникальный варгир.
АМ (ИГ) также в листе, по сути платуны. Чтобы взять нужно иметь ХаКу + 2 трупсы, чтобы получить доступ к остальному.
Суперхеви тут же, но это суперхеви СМ с 4БС.
Легионы, могут брать союзников из других легионов, легионов Титанов и авиации.
В первой книге будут правила на Лунных волков, Дес гард, Детей Императора и мирожоров.
Правила на примархов только для апока и они очень веселые.
Правил для Гора не будет до последней книги.
Морти, Ангроша и Фуля присутствуют.
Легионеры - это мары с фирлесом за 16 очков с бп, ццв, болтером и спец. правилом легиона.

Рекомендованный размер игры - 2500++

Есть упоминание ксеносов, скорее всего, в следующих книгах будут правила на них.

В следующих книгах будут доп. правила на мутации для ренегатов, демонов как союзников, и правила на сестер тишины и кустодианцев для лоялистов.
via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
The Horus Heresy book 1 will have rules for playing Space Marine Legions.

Each legion gets a unique special rule for all space marines.

Each Legion is getting a unique elites option.

HQs get some unique wargear based on legion as well.

Guard are in the list and operate like platoons from the 40k dex. Essentially being a list within a list needing command + 2 units and can then take others.

They can't blob, but they can be taken in squads up to 30 anyways.

Super heavy tanks are in, but are BS4 with space marine crew.

Legions have the option of taking allies from other space marine forces, Titans or guard air force.

Betrayal has the legion rules for Luna wolves, death guard, emperor's children and world eaters

Primarchs are Apocalypse only and pretty baller.

No rules for Horus until the Battle for Terra book.

Mortarion, angrin and fulgrim are in.

Space marines are fearless and a basic marine is 16 pts with bolter, bp, ccw and their legion rule or generic place holder.

Games are recommended to be played at 2,500 points or more.

One of the special scenarios calls for 10,000 points per side and ISN'T apocalypse.

There is a section on Xenos which suggests that some heresy era rules may come for them as well, but in betrayal they are a foot note but can still participate in Volume 1 of the campaign (and presumably throughout).

later in the series to keep it fresh, there will be additional wargear and options for traitor legions in the form of mutations and gifts as well as a rules for using daemons as allies, and similar ally intended lists for sisters of silence and Custodes though nothing will stop you from using these lists as pure armies save that they are not fully fleshed out.
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