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Рульбук шестерки. Информация от его обладателя
MisterNurglДата: Вторник, 26.06.2012, 08:58 | Сообщение # 1
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Questions answered via Rixitotal. The questions were from tons of different people. MadCowCrazy from Heresy Online was one, the rest are misc and unfamiliar names. (I didnt look too hard).

Battle Brothers: Good can join each others units with IC's and cast psychic powers as if they were friendly.

Allies of convienance: Cant join units or cast friendly powers

Desperate Allies: Have to roll if within 6" of an allied unit. if they roll a 1, they cannot do anything.

Necrons Allies:no battle brothers. allies of conveniance with chaos marines, gery knights (!!), tau and orcs. cant ally with deamons, any eldar or nids. all the rest are desperate allies. Desperate allies with Templars and Blood Angels

-normal one D3 +2 objectives. - one where heavy support can claim objectives and you get extra points for killing heavy support.- same with fast attack. -a kill point one.- one where there is a relic you take and move with thats basically an objective.- and a capture and control-ish one.

Whats on pg 42?
lol 42 has unviersal special rules. skyfire (AA), slow and purposeful, smash, sniper, soul blaze, specialist weapon, spilt fire, stealth and strafing run.

can take an allied detachment or something. must have 1 HQ and 1 Troop, and may have 1 more troop and 1 of each other slot except HQ. there is a table of who can ally with who and how good friends they are. good friends can join each others unit with independent chars and cast physic powers as if they were friendly. middle friends cant do that. and bad friends have to roll at the begging of each turn if they are withing 6, if they roll a 1 they cant do anything. and a lot of armies can ally at all. nids cant ally with anyone.

What about powers, say a blood angels sanguinary priest with a feel no pain 6" buff. will that work across armies? Even if it specifically says "any friendly units" for some armies? Or have GW gone down the "nope, separate for all" route?
probs one for the FAQ, allies specifically talks about physic powers. ps FnP is now 5+.

you get FnP against anything that dosnt cause instant death.
power swords are AP 3. Axes +1 S, AP2 and make you I 1. then there are mauls and spears that are lame.
it says any power weapons unspecified you must look at the model and see what they have for what kind of power weapon they have.

You still cannot assault out of deepstrike correct? Turn order is the same?
yea thats all the same.

Has fearless changed when you lose a combat? So no more lots of wounds taken when you lose a combat just because you're not scared of anyone?
hmmmm just says they pass moral tests... i can find anything anywhere that says they take extra wounds.... holy crap!

What are the rules for infantry types (jump, MC, etc.)?
What is the deal with charges?
What does preferred enemy do?
Hull points?
jump move 12, re roll charge dice (2D6) get a impact hits (called hammer of wrath). bikes turbo boost in shooting phase 12 (jet bikes 24, eldar jetbikes 36!!! for a total of 48inch move in 1 turn). charges are 2D6, and u can overwatch against it witch is every model gets to shoot at BS1 except heavy weapons. preferred enemy is reroll all hits and wounds that roll a 1, from shooting and combat!!! hull points are taken off by glancing hits. all gone = wreck. most vehicles have 3. land raider have 4, vipers have 2.

cover is 5+ sorry, ruins is 4+, most everything else is 5+ including shooting through troops. but you only need to have 25% hidden or troops or tanks to get cover.

How does wound allocation work for multi wounded models and different wargear on such models?

closest to furthest. wargear makes no difference.

Has the turn order changed or is it still Move->Shoot->Assault? What is the terrify USR that Chaos Daemons get now?
turns are the same. and its fear for demons. its a LD test or become WS1. fearless units and know no fear and immune to it.

Can units that have successfully completed an assault consolidate into a new combat?

Does assaulting into difficult terrain still reduce initiative to 1?
no cant consolidate in to new enemies. and yea makes the assaulting unit I 1.

runs do disallow assaults. fleet dosnt overcome this but lets you reroll your charge. ill have a crack at tables in a bit. yea chars and snipers that roll a 6 to hit can allocate the wound to a legal model. no changes to deep strike except the new (nicer) table.

Assulting through cover: roll and extra dice and take away the highest. and then you are I 1 unless you have assault grenades then its normal I order.

runs do disallow assaults. fleet dosnt overcome this but lets you reroll your charge. ill have a crack at tables in a bit. yea chars and snipers that roll a 6 to hit can allocate the wound to a legal model. no changes to deep strike except the new (nicer) table.

whats with shooting with vehicles? is it still one weapon and all defensive weapons?
its basically the same except any weapons you could not have previously shot can be snap shotted, so hit on a 6+.
How does the USR rage work now? Any changes allowing u control would make death companies viable if not a bit beast.

rage is ONLY +2 attacks on the charge. Death company are amazing now.

Are there any changes to Force Organisation? If so, what?
at 2000 pts you can take 2 FoCs. and 1 fortification slot. aside from that not much.

Another wound allocation question. In a multi armoured unit (think terminator wolf guard leading a power armoured wearing squad).
How does the wound thing work?
Is it the terminator 2+ save over and over until he finally dies then the rest of the squad? Or is it still a majority armour save applying?
no you take the armour save of the closest model if its different until he dies. but chars transfer it to the squad before armour saves one a 2+ so no having 1 wolfgaurd in termie Armour protecting a whole squad. all things on flying bases are flyers as far as i can see. storm ravens are listen under the vanilla space marine section also!!!!!

Can a model still only make one save? What about ICs?
yup one save. except FnP of course

How fast can a vehicle move before passengers are unable to shoot from it?

Was the to hit chart rumors true? bs3 hitting moving infantry on 4+ and stationary tanks on 2+ etc
no thats not in it anywhere. you hit the same as 5th

play a Thunderwolf list and was wondering with the random charge distance will they then get a 12" movement? Also, are there any rule changes with Beasts and Cavalry other than that? Thanks
yea move 12, then assult 2D6 rerolling cos of fleet.

What do you need to hit a vehicle in CC depending on how far its moved.

3+. but u cant attack zooming flyers in combat at all.

Any changes to instant death or do multi-wound models like battlesuits and nid warriors still get gibbed by missiles?
its the same, double S is insta death.

Do buildings have Hull Points? Can beasts go into buildings? Template Weapons, how are they fired? Reserve Rolls? 3+ Turn 2? 2+ Turn 3? Automatically come in Turn 4?

yea they have hull points. the rest is all the same as 5th

Does relentless do anything other than allow units to assault after firing rapid fire? Extra shots? anything?
no, just can move and shoot and shoot and assult with heavy and rapid fire weapons.

What are the rules for fortification slot? Is there a point limit? What are some options and their relative point cost to each other?
all the fortifcation stuff already has a GW terrain model. teh walls are 50pts. bastion 75, and the big darkangel fort, yes the massive one is over 200.

Still hit a vehicle in the rear armour in close combat? A power axe might be a fairly decent anti vehicle weapon if so.

Can you double check the power axe? Is it minus 1 to Initiative or is it specifically I1? Request from warseer.
has the unwieldy rule same as a powerfist. make you I 1. and yes still rear Armour.

Can you ally with yourself to expand your FOC?
no you may not. but at 2000 pts u get a second FOC if u want it

When you perform Overwatch, is it possible to kill enough models so they dont actually make the distance into CC with you?

If 2 or more units charge 1 unit, can you overwatch both of them? If 4 units charge 2 units, can both units shoot each unit or is it limited to 1 charging unit only?
Any change to Swarms? Still double wounds from blast and template?
swarms are the same.
you over watch first and take from teh front. so yea can affect assults. only 1 over watch a turn.

*Night Fight changed completely: cant shoot over 36. over 24 away have shrouded (+2 cover save), over 12 away have stealth. Night Vision now completely ignores Night Fight, as well.
*Every mission has Night Fight by default, but only on a 4+, including Turn 1. If it triggers, keep rolling each turn til it fails.
*You can move 6" after disembarking from a vehicle, even if the vehicle has moved at Combat Speed.

Абилки варлорд:


1. friendly units in 12 get to use your LD
2. enemy units in 12 use the lowest LD in their squad.
3. all friendly units in 12 get move through cover.
4. all friendly units in 12 may reroll running.
5. all friendly units in 12 re roll 1s to hit when shooting at an enemy within 3 of an objective.
6. all friendly units in 12 add 1 to charge distance.


1. warlord and his unit get counter attack if in own deployment zone.
2. warlord and his unit get furious charge if in enemy deployment zone.
3. warlord and any unit he joins in deployment get outflank.
4. get 1 VP for each character killed by you warlord.
5. your warlord and his unit get FnP if within 3 of an objective.
6. your warlord is a scoring unit.


1. all your units get move though cover for ruins and stealth in ruins.
2. you amy have night fighting on the first turn.
3. your outflanking units get acute senses.
4. while he is alive you may reroll reserve rolls.
5. while he is alive your opponent get -1 on reserve rolls.
6. after both sides have deployed but before scouts you may redeploy 1 unit 3D6 inches, or 3 units D6 inches, may not leave deployment zone.
Прикрепления: 1384911.jpg (10.6 Kb)
MikaereДата: Вторник, 26.06.2012, 14:34 | Сообщение # 2
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2-6 troops?????

MisterNurglДата: Среда, 27.06.2012, 09:12 | Сообщение # 3
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Pens take a hull point and roll on the damage table, glancing just takes off a HP

no pens are just a roll. dont take off hullpoints.

Are Fast, open-topped Transports still the exception to the 6" disembark rule?


How does artillery work

i have no idea how it works in the old edition. but they have stats now T7 2W. if the crew is killed so are you.

Also, while I'm asking Eldar questions... can Jetbikes still do their assault phase jump move? Is it 6" or 2D6? Sorry if this has been answered- I thought I saw it but then lost it again...

its 2D6, but u may not do it if you turbo boosted. but i will say taht due to the new always measure rules this can be very effective ''move shoot move'' unit.

One last thing, is the Emperor dead?

depends who you ask. (more or less the same.)

emperor as dead as tupak, only kept alive for the masses by weird machines. CMS still plotting in their volcano doom base, tau still the geeky naive guy at a tough biker bar, nids still galactic herpes, thats why no one allies with them.

There's been a lot of discussion back and forth about the term "generate" when determining powers from the new psychic disciplines, especially given "Warp Charge" level. Are powers rolled randomly? Is this consistent across all races?

generating is just like getting fantasy spells (except you reroll a double dont choose.) warp charge is how many spells you can cast, some have warp charge 2 and take up 2 spells worth of casting.

there are 5 disciplines (lores) and each has 6 and a signature spell.

Is there a psychic phase? What order do the phases go in now?

no psychic phase, buffs and debuffs at the start of the movement phase, shooting ones done in the shooting phase.

-How do template weapons and snapfire on vehicles interact? Will Land Raider Redeemers go from meh to awesome? -Can troops assault after having exited a non-open topped vehicle?

template or blast may not snap fire. except on overwatch where they have special rules.
Is it specified anywhere if flying MCs and/or jump infantry can shoot flyers w/o the Snap Fire Penalty?

no, although other flyer have the option of it.

You're a gentleman, scholar and saint. Any word on if units with Move Through Cover ignore difficult/dangerous terrain when charging?

you roll an extra D6 for movement purposes and ignore dangerous terrain. sorry if i said this wrong earlier its been alot of questions. dosnt affect charges.

beasts are fleet, ie reroll the charge.

So wait... what about jetpack troops assaulting out of vehicals. If I'm reading what you've put below correctly, a Stormraven can go into hover mode, then move 6 inches, then jump pack troops (eg sanguinary guard) move 12 inches out, then assault 2d6 rerollable, for a maximum of 30" threat range? I love it...

no you always get 6 out of a vehicle regardless of your movment.

How do you hit with blast weapons now. Same as before Scatter -BS and place template? or just roll to hit...

same, but no half strength for clipping tanks.

As for getting out of a tank and moving. Because this is very relevant for all olf 5th ed players... can you move after the tank moves even if the tank is not open topped? or does the tank moving just stop you from charging... unless you are open topped or assault vehicle...
Anything to do with the way this works would be very usefull.

u cant get out and the tank keeps going if thats what you mean. but can always get out and move. and only assault vehicles passengers may assault. open topped is also assault vehicle/.

Have vehicle squadrons changed at all in terms of hull points? Do they still ignore shaken results?
Also any changes to tank shocking? can you still tank shock with the extra movement in the shooting phase?

squadrons are more of less the same. ,am change is hit allocation. tank shot is about the same as well.

Have vehicle squadron rules changed? And how do flyer squadrons work?

not changed much, except for keeping in line with the closest to furthest rules. the closest vehicle must be destroyed before you start hitting the rest of the squad.

Have the rules for Walkers in melee changed? Or Walkers and shooting? Just curious if Defilers are still any good.

i didnt see any changes to walkers, aside from if u are in combat with a unit that can not hurt you, they have the option of auto fleeing if they want. Defilers are 4 hull points so probs a net gain.

I have heard the same is true for Heavy Weapons, is that the case?

heavy can shoot but only hits on a 6.

Do Flying Monsterous Creatures need a 6 to Hit a Flyer? And vice versa?

you can choose to have skyfire rule for flyers for 1 turn. MC cant as far as i can see.
Please tell me that the Weapon Skill charts have been modified. I loved how my WS 8 Succubus is fighting WS 3 and 4 units that still hit on 4's.

no change, and as a side not no change to the wound charts so you always wound on a 6 like in fantasy. wraithlords are safe.

The Reason I ask is because in the Pancake edition you could consolidate into a unit, if you destroyed their transport in H2H. I really liked that change and hoped it was one they were going to keep.

cant consolidate in to units. this is sort of the same as it works now.

Also, Rending. Has it changed at all?

auto wounds and is AP 2. +D3 against tanks

Does storm shields the sames as in V5 ?

storm sheilds are listing in the appropriate codex so either stays the same or changes in an upcoming update. my money would be stays the same.
This is a biggie, what is the AP of Necron Warscythes? and if you can, Grey Knight halberds?

all counts as power weapons or ignore armor saves are AP 3 unless specified. again look for updates or FAQs as im sure this will all change.


wound allocation is done closest to furthest. so you take 6 wounds on a tactical squad with a librarian attached.

the 6 models closest to the enemy unit that is shooting take 6 wounds than you roll for saves.

in CC its just closest to closest are hitting each other. so positioning is key.

any models equal distance away from the enemy are randomly rolled for to see who is hit


as above, each model is wounded and you take saves based on what was hit. so 3 wolfgaurd terms and 2 normal wolfgaurd get 6 hits, working from the front each model takes a wound, then you go back to the front and the closest model to the enemy takes the last wound, you then roll your saves for each armour type.


force weapons are as follows

grey knights force weapons are AP3 like power weapons

force staff - 2+ strength AP4
force axe - 1+ strenght, AP1, INITATIVE 1.
force sword - ap 3 normal initative.

grey knight and units or models with special force weapons do NOT follow this chart and use there codex versions.

to show what a force weapon type your using, you just look at the model and whatever it is modelled with is what you get, no points differential.


flyers eg stormraven/talon, ork bomber, valkyrie, all those flyer based units will now be classed as flyers

flyers have 2 hull points
they always have a 5+ cover save and MUST move a minimum of 18 inches per turn. they have a rule that allows them to move 18 and shoot up to 4 weapons per turn. the can also move 24'' which counts as cruising speed.
if they move under 18 inches in a turn they count as wrecked
any unit shooting at flyer require 6's to hit unless you have the skyhammer rule which allows you to hit them with your normal ballistic skill.

NO the stormraven has not been added to vanilla marines
Blessing of the omnissiah

sorry but you will have to wait for your FAQ's for the codex. i have found no info on this.


so you get your ally FOC

1 hq 2 troops 1 elites 1 heavy 1 fast

there is no other restrictions besides who you can and cant ally with. YOU MUST TAKE 1 HQ AND 1 TROOPS AS A MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR THE ALLY CHART TO UNLOCK THE FAST, ELITE AND HEAVY SLOT

grey knights and there allies

Grey knight have NO Battle brother allies:

battlebrother allies:


allies of convienience:
space marines
blood angels
dark angels
imperial guard
space wolves

pretty much any of the goody goods

mistrusted allies:

not before the apocolypse:
chaos marines
dark eldar

No you may not


no more 2d6 armour pen
can do a fly over attack same as a necron lord in catacomb comand barge.
may halve there attacks to double there strength in the assault phase
can stomp to hit everyone around them
if they have wings, can fly in movement phase and do a sort of super stom
MisterNurglДата: Среда, 27.06.2012, 09:15 | Сообщение # 4
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Первые фото рульбука шестерки


also i will include pictures for all weapons and stats including force weapons, yes force weapons still instant death.

TYRANIDS THERES A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL all ur monstrous creatures like carnifex's ect are now OP and in ur faq expect them to have eternal warrior type rule

after reading comments from the article on the front page i have re read some rules and thought id clear up the rules for jetpacks.

PREFFERED ENEMY: reroll all ones to hit in close combat and shooting. my apologies, iv never had to use the rule so i thought 5th ed had the same rule just minus shooting.

next, some naysayers beleive im not legit because i havent posted the jump pack rule. i thought i would post the more important aspects of the game with what little time i have, but to clear that up. here is!!!!

JET PACKS: jet packs now offer the USR relentless (same as 5th) and also allow you to move 2d6 in the assault phase instead of assaulting.
MisterNurglДата: Среда, 27.06.2012, 09:19 | Сообщение # 5
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Некоторые психосилы

primary power is a basic smite

caster gets D3 str and toughness
target unit get -1 str and toughness
target unit get FNP
assault 2 every unsaved would heals one off caster
pysker get +d3 init
target makes toughness test or take 1 wound no save, if slain jumps to model with in 2' and make save. continue till someone saves or no targets left

primary target unit rerolls failed hits
psycher and unit gain counter attack and get full BS for overwatch
target unit gain 4++
target unit must reroll passed armor saves
psycher and unit ignore cover
psyker rerolls failed failed hits, wounds and armor saves
psyker roll 3 dicechoose the result you want when rolling for reserves, outflank and mysterious terrain

primary flame breath (flamer)
psyker gains 4+ invo
target unit gains 4+ cover save
flame attack assault 1, sould blaze (no idea) blast, ignore cover
target model takes 1 wound , no armor or cover save allowed, place small blast template anyone hit takes a str 4 ap 5 hit
assault 2d6, blind, ignore cover attack
str 8, ap 1 assault 1, melta

assault 1 str 6 . strikedown (halves init and target moves as if its dangerous terrain)
roll 2d6 target takes hit equal to strength (11 or 12 auto wound) ap is equal to seperate dice roll
remove models from table, deepstrike within 24 inchs of where they were
hostile unit must reroll hits and wounds of 6
assault D6 pinning attack
all friendlies with 12 inchs get 5++
str 10, heavy 1 blast

primary 3d6 - target leadership wounds to target unit
target unit has to make leadership roll or do nothing
target freindly stops falling back and gets fearless
hostile model makes an attack as if it owned by psyker
target hostile losses fearless and treats all units as fear causing
invisibility gains shrouding and stealth, hostiles charged by this unit lose counter attack and fight at WS 1
roll on table 1-2 unit pinned, 3-4 cannot run, shoot or stirke blows 5-6 attack own unit
MisterNurglДата: Среда, 27.06.2012, 18:29 | Сообщение # 6
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Just a quick question if you wouldn't mind checking for me; could you tell me what Tyranid units count as fliers?
Edit: Plan on making a 6th ed. list and would love to know so I could maybe try a fancy new build out smile

nids dont have any fliers. but they can have flying monstrous creatures.

How exactly do the new rules for penetrating work again? (1 = Shaken, 2-5 = ??, 6 = EXPLODES!)
PS. everyone loves you forever.

Shaken, Shaken, Stunned, Weapon, immobilized, Explodes!
How do template weapons work with snapfire on vehicles?

they cant snapfire. the exception in overwatch where they do D3 hits.

Does it seem like Terminators are overpowered due to the nerfs to power weapons and such to AP3? Also since you did play against Space Wolves, Acute Senses army wide seems pretty useless.

well... yea. would be great that one time you got outflanks on your warlord roll. maybe an FAQ give them all night vision instead.

Can you confirm that Beasts/Calv, instead of moving 6" and assaulting 12", now move 6" and assault 2d6" like everyone else? Thanks!

move 12, assault 2D6, rerolling cos they are fleet.

The real question is: Forgworld? What does the book say about it?

it talks about it but no disclaimers say we can start using them in our games without permission.

MisterNurglДата: Четверг, 28.06.2012, 13:43 | Сообщение # 7
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MisterNurglДата: Четверг, 28.06.2012, 13:48 | Сообщение # 8
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Эльдары и шестая редакция.

Eldar may exchange powers from the ones in the bool for a roll on a table like in fantasy, i thought you could swap one or more from the codex to the main rulebook powers, but as kijamon rightly p

oh and also as a bonus for my fellow eldar players worries about the seer council being nerfed, this is for you.
2 farseers as many warlocks as i care to take, 1 embolden, 1 enhance, 5+ destructor. 1 farseer with one fortune and 3 other powers, 1 with 4 other powers. roll on telepathy for them. you can get all the good telepathy stuff and have a good chance of getting invisibility (shrouded and stealth (+3 coversave), enemies are WS 1 and cant use counter attack but 2 warp charge so only 1 power per turn).
begging of turn cast invisibility, then fortune (reroll saves), then prescience (reroll all to hits, even in combat.) u do all that at the beginning of the turn and cant be stopped by deny the witch and roll3D6 and reroll so amazing chance of it all working.
then you turbo boost 48 inches and get a 2+ rerollable (cos of fortune) coversave and where every the hell you want on the battle field. if they want to counter charge you, they will take number of destructors x D3 S5 AP4 hits from overwatch and you rerolling to hit wounding on a 2+ befor they attack (at WS 1) as u have amazing I.
and u can still get S9 from singing spears as they are in codex eldar. Seer council is still top dog. and hopefully i will be the first person in the world to rock it in its new form [:)] .
TLDR: rerollable 2+ saves for the seer council. seriously.

So with a seer council on jetbikes, is the singing spear the new black or are Witch Blades still good?

well, i would think that in a update they will change singing spears to be in line with the wytch blade, but if not then i still think this config would work well.
but if they leave singing spears as they are then yea, they are the new black.

Then I guess the seer council on jetbikes I am making will be with singing spears(and to regret it when the errata comes out).:)
MisterNurglДата: Четверг, 28.06.2012, 13:49 | Сообщение # 9
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reserves come on just like 5th EXCEPT i cant find were it says they do or dont get to assault the turn they move on, it does say it just move the model onto the board using there movement..

if an immobile unit is in reserve (i would be thinking weapons turrets here) it comes in using the deepstrike special rule. as it has been airdropped orteleported onto the field.


i can confirm right now that you get to reroll to wound with poisoned weapons if your strength is higher then the enemie's toughness, so yes rerolls are still in.


grey knights force weapons for example benefit from there own statline rather then the rulebook force/power weapons. if it has a statline or special rule in the codex it is counted as AP 3 and follows the codex rules for the weapon, This comes under the rule unusual force weapons in the rulebook

allied independant characters may join your units and vice versa
are counted as freindly units for the intents and purposes of psychich powers aand abilities and so on
CANNOT embark into each others vehicles


well guys, im sorry to say, the fluff is huge, im not going to post it up there is a TONNE of stuff. but to the point of the story line, it is essentially the same. GW have though, expanded the current fluff, adding in alot more battles and stories. they have also expanded on why the imperium is falling into rebellion, heresy, treatury ect. but essentially it goes as far as 5th did.
there is also a large story/battle were the pages fold out and you see a giant apocolyptic battle, chaos verse imperium, 3 reaver titans (or warhounds one of the 2) a wing of valkyries, super heavies, massive armies. it is litterally a scene of apocolyptic proprtions.

PSYCHICH POWERS(just found them)


crush - Range 18, s 2d6, ap d6. also, if you roll 11 or 12 for your strnght roll, the model hit is auto wounded and if a vehicle is hit it is auto penetrated

shockwave - range 12, s3, ap -, assault d6 with pinning

gate of infinty - same as codex space marines, except if the librarian does it on his own there is no risk of a model dying.

objuration mechanicum - a unit within 24'' must reroll to hit and wound rolls of a 6, in addition if it is a vehicle or vehicle squadron it takes a strnght one haywire hit on each vehicle.

vortex of doom - same as codex space marines


dominate - each time the targetted unit (24'' inch range) attempts to move, shooot or assault, it must take a leadership test, if the test is faile dthe unit does nothing for that phase.

mental fortitude - a unit falling back within 24'' immidiately regroups and gains the fearless special rule for aslong as this power lasts.

invisibilty - grants a freindly unit with stealth and shrouded special rules, enemy models in CC hit at WS 1, also models assaulted by an invisible unit gain no benefit from counter attack.

hallucination - target an enemy unit within 24''. roll d6
1-2 target unit is auto pinned, unless it would normally pass its morale checks.
3-4 the unit cannot, shoot, run, or declare blows in CC or assault while the power is in effect
5-6 every unit in the unit immidiately inflicts a single wound ona freindly model from the same unit, using all weapons and strength at there disposal.

puppet master - lets you take over a unit within 24'' and shoot with it for one turn (cannot target your own unit)

terrify - target recieves no benefit from the fearless special rule and treat all enemies as having the fear special rule.


If a power weapon just says power weapon and has no addtional rules, use the following:

maces, and blunt weapons count as power maul
spears, lances count as power lance
swords count as power swords
axes and halberds count as power axes

power sword - S user, ap 3, melee
power axe - S+1, AP 4 melee, unwieldly
power lance - S+1/user AP3/4, melee
power maul - S+2, AP4, melee

power lance has 2 profiles, first being on the charge second being i normal combat.


Because they have so many monstrous creatures. all monstrous creatures have the fear rule now which means everytime they assault a unit that unit must take a leadership test, if it fails that unit has ws1 for the rest of the combat. fearless units and units that dont have to take leadership tests are immune to fear.

psykers, new psycic powers.... nuff said.

they also have hammer of wrath, move through cover, relentless and smash special rules.

your nid monstrosities are now fairly good in the game, there main buffs i beleive will be in the FAQ they should be playable again.


chanswords have an AP of - and use your own strength
heavy chanswords s+2, ap5, two handed
eviscerator sx2 ap2, two handed, armourbane, unweildly
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how were the bikes with warlock? did they have only the same task as in 5ed (scoring)? PLEASE tell me what is the new WITCHBLADE!!

ok so heres the seer council im gunna run as a mega deathstar.
2 farseers as many warlocks as i care to take, 1 embolden, 1 enhance, 5+ destructor. 1 farseer with one fortune and 3 other powers, 1 with 4 other powers. roll on telepathy for them except one for the divination signature one. you can get all the good telepathy stuff and have a good chance of getting invisibility (shrouded and stealth (+3 coversave), enemies are WS 1 and cant use counter attack but 2 warp charge so only 1 power per turn).
begging of turn cast invisibility, then fortune (reroll saves), then prescience (reroll all to hits, even in combat.) u do all that at the beginning of the turn and cant be stopped by deny the witch and roll3D6 and reroll so amazing chance of it all working.
then you turbo boost 48 inches and get a 2+ rerollable (cos of fortune) coversave and where ever the hell you want to be on the battle field. if they want to counter charge you, they will take number of destructors x D3 S5 AP4 hits from overwatch and you rerolling to hit wounding on a 2+ befor they attack (at WS 1) as u have amazing I.
and u can still get S9 from singing spears as they are in codex eldar. Seer council is still top dog. and hopefully i will be the first person in the world to rock it in its new form :).
TLDR: rerollable 2+ saves for the seer council. seriously.
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Волки по 6ке: предварительный взгляд

Пока сложно судить, но уже 70% основных правил известно, уже на основе этого можно делать выводы. Жирным выделены добавления.


1. Нехилый баф кавалерии. 12 с игнором диф террейна +д6+2д6 с реролом = в среднем 25 дюймов чарджа.
Распределение ран для многовундовых моделей в хтх позволяет нам так же, распределять раны на нужных нам кавалеристов.
Изменилось распределение ран от стрельбы, теперь нельзя будет повесить на простых раны, но грамотный порядок или расположение, ну, или индеп, решает эту проблему. Мы все еще боимся ведра кубов, но точно так же, как в 5ке. Стелс и прочие вещи позволят иметь тот же самый 4+ кавер.
Рендинг на 6 имеет АП2, то есть кавалеристы все еще могут. Кроме того, у нас есть 5 атак с 10 инициативой за чардж, это дополнительные атаки к кучам наших. Это приятно.
Теперь пурифайеры не смогут убить лорда, так что мы спокойно отправляем его дружить с ними.
По инициативная драка дает нам еще больше преимуществ.
В общем, все то же самое, но лучше.
2. Фанги. Нам дали возможность получить 5+ кавер, бункер с 14 броней или 4+ инвуль... казалось бы это все, что нам нужно, но нам еще и дали АА ракеты. Теперь флайеры - наша любимая цель. Фанги отлично работают, как по технике, теперь нам еще проще разбирать рины, химеры, дредов и проч.
3. Рунпристы стали еще лучше. Кроме того, что мы можем в 24 отменить каст на 4+, мы сможем защитить наши отряды вокруг нас (в 6) на 5+ или даже на 4+. То есть после попытки отмены, есть шанс отменить еще раз. Причем это, как и хвостик, действует против форс веапонов (см. ворлинг). Базовые волчьи психосилы, например, кавер в чистом поле и т.д. - лучшие в игре. По сути нам не нужны рульбучные психосилы.
4. Скауты теперь выходят с реролом на сторону... ну, тут без комментариев, мы никогда не промахнемся)))
5. Серые все еще самая лучшая трупса в игре. Причем с уменьшением важности транспортов и расстояния до оппонента, можно станет играть футслогой. Вульфгарды в тда дадут потрясающую живучесть отрядам за счет распределения ран.
6. Вульпристы будут давать реролы 1 в шутинг и хтх фазы. Очень полезно.
7. С ожерельем мы всегда попадаем на 3+... хотя мы и так по технике на 3+
8. Терминаторы и Логанвинг - становятся очень сильными отрядами, они и так были хороши, но теперь их еще сложнее убить, а разная закачка делает их универсально сильными. Да, это дорогие отряды, но они того стоят.
9. Заиграют малопулярные отряды: лон вульфы, простые волки - их правила достаточно хороши, нам проще дойти, освободятся слоты и т.д. Даже Лукас становится очень интересным выбором, опять же из-за распределения вунд, с ним могут вполне заиграть и клавсы.
10. Подняли ЛС, тайфуны будут хорошим выбором или альтернативой фангов.
11. Общий ап байкеров и пакеров.
12. Дроп поды становятся одним из лучшим выбором техники для доставки для маров. А их у нас могут брать почти все.
13. Общий бафф плазмы, в рядах серых или терминаторов - это очень сильно. Вообще, бафф болтеров.
14. Решена проблема с приходом резервов, за 95 или 70 очков помимо защиты нашим фангам, мы получаем рерол всех наших резервов! С учетом возможно бафа от варлорда, резервы могут прийти на первый ход на 2+ с рерролом. В общем, мы можем управлять нашими резервами.
15. Правило на гранаты, во-первых, позволяет нам поиметь 4+\3+ кавер в 8 от стреляющих, то есть скорее будет кавер от овервотча, чо радует. Кроме того, мы продолжает чарджить без минусов за террейн + есть возможность кинуть гранату в отряд противника, 6 сила все-таки очень весело. Ну, и возможность покарать героя\монстру мельтабомбой тоже радует.
16. Правила на лук аут позволяет нам творить чудеса с помощью гардов в ТДА в отрядах серых. Мы ставим их первыми, кидаем 2+ до посинения, если вдруг 1, кидаем 4+, своего рода фнп о 5ке. Я считаю это вин.
17. Правила на индепов сделали их более толстыми, их очень сложно убить, особенно наших. И теперь они раздают свои правила на отряд (за исключением некоторых), например, Аржак наконец будет давать свой стаборн отряду.
18. Ноу фир поднимает всех маров. Теперь мы не бросаем сейвы за разницу в вундах, если проиграли и нас догнали. Просто деремся дальше. Супер.


1. Техника стала картонной, но расстояние до противника и новые правила, дают нам возможность все равно доехать. В случае с ЛР - она 146% доезжает.
2. Дреды стали менее живучими. Они больше не нужны как стоперы джаг и прочего. Они стали слабее в рукопашке. Тут надо думать. и смотреть. Возможно, счс мы что-то упускаем.


1. Акьют сенс - теперь дает рерол аутфланг. Пропишут ли нам найт вижен в ФАКе? Скорее всего, да. Так что ждем, что скажет ГВ. Если учесть, что 50% всех игры будет в найт файте, это пригодилось бы.
2. Работает ли контратака после овервотча? Есть устойчивый слух, что нет, не работает.
3. Теперь скорее всего нельзя будет чарджить после аутфланга... с другой стороны, становятся нужны плазма пистоли. Рапида с 2 пистолей и мельта = врек любому транспорту с 10-ым задом. Впрочем ждем весь рульбук.


1. Нужны ли нам союзники? Скорее нет, чем да. Прикольно поиметь Штормрейвен или серых лыцарей в друзья, но я виже в этом скорее ослабление армии, чем баф.


Цест и орел становятся в рамках 6ки очень интересными выборами для волков. Цест явно лучше лра. его сложнее убить, он флайер, мельту шаблоном подняли. В общем, это лучший транспорт для термосов. Цест - опять же шикарный транспорт для трупсы или термосов.
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Новые миссии и немного слухов

In each type you must deploy more than 12” from the center line (e.g. 24” between deployment zones

Setting up the battlefield – Either set up your battlefield to create a narrative, OR all fortifications placed first, alternate fortification deployment. Roll a D3 for each 2’ by 2’ section, this is “terrain density”. Place terrain until number of pieces (including fortifications) is equal to terrain density limit. Alternate which player deploys which piece of terrain, feel free to deploy for your advantage (this is fluffed away by saying savvy commanders pick their battlefield to give their army an advantage). I can’t see any recommendations for size of piece of terrain but then there are a lot of rules for terrain and I haven’t had time to read them all thoroughly

Place objective markers (as per mission type you rolled). These should be 1-2” in diameter. No objective within 6” of battlefield edge of within 12” of another objective, none to be placed in/on buildings, fortifications or impassable terrain. Some interesting special rules on objectives – called “mysterious objectives”, used in some missions. There are all sorts of random effects that can occur with objectives from them exploding to giving the unit controlling them skyfire to creating a gravity wave which halves charge distances.

Determine warlord traits – choose one of three categories and roll a D6
Deploy forces; player with first turn deploys all their units in their deployment zone, then player two deploys all their units. You may deploy within a fortification. Then infiltrating/scouting moves occurs.
Then sieze the initiative –as in 5th
Variable game length, same as 5th

Victory conditions;
Primary objectives; depends on mission (discussed later)
Secondary objectives; same for every mission each gives 1 victory point;
• Slay the warlord (as it sounds)
• First blood (first unit to be removed)
• Linebreaker (ending the game with one of your units in opponents deployment zone)

Troops are scoring units. Other units can be made scoring with special abilities, mission types, etc… cannot claim/deny(contest) an objective if embarked on transport or if falling back
Mission types: (VPs are always counted at the end of the game; i.e. you get the points for controlling it on the final turn, it doesn’t matter if you controlled it turns 1,2,3,4)

1. Crusade: D3+2 Primary objectives. Win by gaining victory points (VP). Each primary objective is worth 3 VP. All three secondary objectives. Mysterious objectives

2. Purge the alien: No objective markers. Each player receives 1VP for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed. All three secondary objectives

3. Big Guns never tire: D3+2 primary objectives. Each objective is worth 3VP. Also receive 1VP for each heavy support killed, heavy support units are scoring, even if they are vehicles, as well as troop choices (USR called “heavy metal” lol). Secondary objectives, Mysterious objectives

4. The Scouring: 6 objectives placed upside down with numbers written on them, 1 has 4, 2 have 3, 1 has 1. after sieze the initiative flip the markers over. Each marker is worth the number of points written on it. You also get 1 point for each fast attack killed, fast attacks are scoring, even if vehicle, as well as troop choices. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

5. The Emperor’s will: Single primary objective on own table half. Each primary objective worth 3 VP. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

6. The Relic: rules for this are complex. There is a single objective in the middle of the field. Worth 3VP to the player who controls it. A model in a scoring unit can pick it up and move it away. That relic can never move more than 6” per turn (so you can’t run, etc..) while carrying it and it can’t go on flyers (they will crash if they can only go 6” :D). Secondary objectives.

Fortifications: you may have one fortification and one ally per primary detachment (so at 2000+ point you can take a second primary detachment, a second fortification and a second ally)

Forgeworld, imperial armour, and other expansions: in the back of the book there are a few one/two page summaries of each of the official expansions (including forgeworld), but no indication that these can be used in normal games or without your opponents consent.
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