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Слухи про флайеры
MisterNurglДата: Суббота, 21.04.2012, 16:26 | Сообщение # 1
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via Harry
I would say probable that fliers rules and scenarios will be part of the 6th ed core rules

As for the models ... maybe not released with the core rules but possibly following right on its tail in July, August and September .... as White Dwarf releases, (like we got the rules for the VC big kit in WD).

Not that this rules out a supplement a few months after which expands on the basic flyer rules and adds more fun stuff and scenarios you can try to get even more air miles out of your new fliers.

via The Underdog
I can confirm the existence of the Ork flier. No idea what it is for certain but there are boxes on the shelves of the GW distribution centre containing what appeared to be an Ork aircraft - I assume this means we will see it in the next few months!

via Harry
I have heard some snippets about :
a) A kit for a SM flier called a "Storm Hawk" (A "Storm Hawk Gunship")
b) An Ork fighter kit (might have been a fighter/bomber?) and
c) A 'fliers' supplement. (...as the first supplement to 6th Edition).
d) A Necron Flyer.

Oh, and we get both Tau and Eldar next year and they both come with Fliers.

I will say that whilst I also heard three classes .... those are not the same three classes that I heard

The 'autumn of flyers' thing was just a nod to stickmonkey ... I have never been sure of the date as I said in that thread....could be we will see something sooner .... could be just part of 6th Edition. It is difficult for me to work out what is going on based on small scraps of info. I don't have some super, secret, inside source of info).... I just know something is going on and posted my best guess).

via The_Auditor
Hi Guys. Storm Hawk is from A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill (p207). It is a small single unit transport craft/gunship, similar in nature to the Storm Raven. It was in use with the Thousand Sons legion and possibly others. Space Wolves were using a storm crow (p201). Plenty of refences to Stormbirds in other novels. It would make sense that this is chosen as the generic Marine flyer, as it would then be a kit that could be used by both Chaos and Vanilla marine codecies. As has been mentioned above.

Jes Goodwin was very clear at UK GD that vanilla marines would not gain access to the Storm Raven, but was equally clear that they would gain a flyer of their own in the future.

via 75hastings69
Whilst I'm not going to say there is an "Autumn of Fliers" (as the phrase seems as overused as the wfb equivalent "return of Nagash"!) I will add to this that along with the bits Harry mentioned I'm also aware of a couple more fliers ready to go (and being worked on). I am not sure if they're for drip/splash releases over the next year-18 months or to accompany updated army books in some cases (which you can probably hazard a guess at) but it wouldn't be inconceivable to hold them all in a "holding pattern" and release them alongside some kind of fliers supplement.

I will just add, as I have said a couple of times in the thread but so it doesn't get missed. I have heard about a number of other fliers which I imagine will be released with there army books. I do not expect a big release of fliers all in one go. I have only heard about these two mentioned in connection with a supplement. I only used the phrase "Autumn of flyers" as a gentle nod towards the train wreck that was the 'summer of fliers' last year.

Also if I am right about the timescale then no 'holding pattern' will be required as most of the other flyers I have heard about will come out after this with their books.

via StraightSilver
Well there will be something involving flyers for 6th Edition, and it will be a big deal apparently, but I don't think it will be this year (of course I could be wrong), possibly next Summer?

There apparently will be a new Marine Flyer, similar size but different load out to the Storm Raven.

Chaos should get a Locust equivalent, and if Tau do come out next year they should also get something.

I hadn't heard about an Ork flyer, but I really wouldn't be surprised, although if that was coming this year I am assuming it would have White Dwarf rules?

I also had it from a good source (not one of my usual sources, and not as directly involved, but a good source none the less) that there is a big change coming to the hobby regarding flyers.

I don't honestly know if that means rules in the core rule book, or a supplement, but they will apparently be getting a lot of attention.

For everyone hoping for a Thunderbolt, Barracuda, Remora etc though I think that's very doubtful as Forge World produce them and the guys I've spoken to at GW are quite adamant that it isn't in their interests to tread on their toes.

Therefore expect something similar design wise, but not the same.

I had heard that Jes was working on an Eldar Super Heavy, hence my Baneblade analogy but this may well turn out to be what Stickmonkey is referring to as their Land Raider equivalent.

And this is just a rumour and I don't know how accurate it will be but apparently flyers are split into 3 classes with appropriate rules differences:

Fighter / Interceptor

Black Library have delayed the release of Dan Abnett's Interceptor City, which is the follow up to Double Eagle.

The reason for this is that GW apparently wanted to include some new things in the novel that haven't happened yet (the so called "big change to the hobby").

I don't know if that's new fliers, ant aircraft weapons etc but given the nature of what Double Eagle and Interceptor City will be (aerial combat novels in the 40th Millenium), and the fact that both Imperial and Chaos factions will no doubt be the central focus I figured it had to be related to a 40K fliers supplement.
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